Mary Bogue

Mary Bogue is always wondering about how we walk through life, and sees it as a dance; sometimes we're wearing high heels and doing the tango backwards in a man's arms, other times we're line dancing in flats while picking up after kids, and when we're lucky, we're barefootin' it freestyle.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our Most Basic Need and Our Most Valuable Asset

I stepped away from the computer tonight to sit in my easy-chair and elevate a sensitive ankle, sip some water and play some TV Remote Control Roulette on the television. I flipped through the usual shows of cooking and half-finished movies. Then I came upon the news; tear gas being used on journalists and regular citizens. Our own. 

We, as a nation have walked so far away, no - run from loving each other, that I was both shaken and saddened.  In this anxiety-ridden world of natural disasters from floods to droughts, hurricanes to earthquakes, acts of God -where you can be stripped in minutes of  every earthly possession and life itself, as you just live your ordinary life -turned around to answer a doorbell,  take a ride in your car or a Sunday afternoon at the movies. We can lose it all, and yet the one most  valuable asset we have, we trash without thinking about it. Our humanity. Shouldn't we be clinging to each with more love and compassion than ever before? We should be evolving into the best version of human mercy, while longing to feel safe for ourselves and families. What are we doing?

SAFE. What does it mean to you? Safe food, water and air. Love. We should certainly feel safe enough to live with these common needs being met.  And how about love?  Seems we shouldn't have to feel second-class – in the experience and  honor of loving whom we do without prejudice. To hold our loved one dear enough to our hearts and share dreams for our future and families...  It goes without saying that we  want to cleave to our partners in the middle of the night or  in the state of matrimony without fear. Safe. We should feel safe in our homes, our streets and our schools. 

Guns. They only make fools feel safe. You cannot write the word revolution wihtout containing the word evolution. We need both, of our hearts and souls. Love is the real weapon. Love prevails - I'm sure every religion fundamentally agrees. But then it gets “qualified” and love gets a bad  name and becomes a threat. 

Every American child should be able to walk to school, sit in a classroom, experience a first-class education with the tools they need, including healthy lunches and food education, the arts and sciences, physical and health education. To turn our backs on this is to rob the future from our children, from our nation. Every child, and I mean every child of every age, color, religion - boy or girl, able-bodied or challenged, should be cherished and raised up.  An African American mother or father should be able say, "Have a nice day at school today”, and believe without even thinking about it, that they WILL see their child alive and well, and mentally healthy. Tell me, someone please, how you will ever feel safe again, when you get the call that your child is not walking through your kitchen door tonight because they have been killed - and not because they were hit by a car or some other tragic way,  but because they were murdered at the hands of a fellow American. What's it going take to wave those flags again with the same passion of unity we felt after 9/11? Remember? We were no longer Caucasians Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans, Korean Americans United for Separation of Church and State - and so on. We were American, and finally we were one, our separate paths merged into a journey of our common love of county. So. Now what? 

Safe.  Isn't there plenty of grief going around already? Here, have a cup of cancer, a gallon of diabetes, an incurable disease yet to be diagnosed. Isn't there enough uncertainty in this world already? Well? More than anything, we need to be expressing our human kindness. 

Safe.  Every woman should be safe enough to cross a college campus without threat of being raped and every  man feel safe and secure able to protect his family, but not fromt each other, no. Every man and woman should be and feel safe enough to protect their family members from poverty consciousness, fear of not being worthy or ever enough.  Our power to be the best us yet, as American citizens, as individuals and as who we are yet to become – well, that dream should be safe.

Be safe, my dears - all the faces I know on a daily or weekly basis, old friends and family, new friends too, and those of you I only know here in the world of Facebook, be safe. Do not let anyone rob you of the love you were born to express.  You are loved beyond measure and your presence here is a gift. Be safe from the darkness, the fear of never measuring up so that the only way you can express your strength or worthiness is with your fists. Be safe. Take care of and rescue the sentient beings around you. Be safe and Be THE Safe - allow others to put their trust in you, their love into you, their passions, and make sure they always feel safe enough to trust you with the contents of their minds and souls. Yes, be the safe harbor upon the rocky waters. Be safe. Be authentic. Be love.